GQ 780 Standing server rack
Prolink Product


  • Exquisite design with precise dimensions and craftsmanship
  • Double-opening doors for front/back
  • Inner cable managers are made of eco-friendly plastic
  • Multiple cable routing
  • Multiple cable routing rings on profile rails for easy recognition
  • Optional pedestals for fixation, cable routing
  • Curved front screen door & back double screen door enable equipment to ventilate well
  • Various optional accessories

Main materials:

  • cold-rolled steel

Surface treatment:

  • Degreasing, pickling, phosphating, laundering,powder coating
Prolink Product


  • 1. top.
  • 2. bottom.
  • 3. left and right side panels.
  • 4. front and back double door.
  • 5. Profile rails.
  • 6. Winding barrel
  • 7. cable management.
Prolink Product


Prolink Product


BLACK (AL9005) =A GRE (RAL7035) = B

Technical parameters

for more details see datasheet Download Data Sheet